Single Player Scoring and Bonuses

Even though I'm not really into getting high scores on single player mode nor do I care about the bonues I receive, I thought that my guide wouldn't really be complete without a list of bonuses from single player. So without further ado, here's a table with all the bonuses. A few of these I've only seen in the Smash Bros. strategy guide so I don't know how they really work.

These bonuses will make up a large portion of your points in single player mode. The other sources of points are as follows:

-the amount of time left on the clock after clearing a stage if playing on the five minute clock (time mode). Each second left on the clock is worth 50 points. This is also applicable to the first two bonus stages (Break the targets and board the platforms), although they only have a two minute clock, and the time only affects the score if you actually complete the bonus stage (break all targets/board all platforms).
-the amount of damage dealt by the player during a regular battle. Each percent of damage dealt is worth 10 points. This is not applicable for the Master Hand battle or bonus stages.
-the number of targets broken/platforms boarded in the first two bonus stages. Each of these is worth 1000 points.
-the amount of time left on the clock after clearing the race to the finish bonus stage. Each second remaining from the two minute countdown is worth 500 points.

A final note: for all of the "hit" bonuses (Single Move, Smash-less etc.), only the hits that connect count toward the calculation of the bonuses.

Name Amount Description
Cheap Shot -99 pts The only negative bonus in the game. You get this if you overuse any move in a regular battle, and also used more than one move, since there's a (positive) single move bonus
Fighter Stance 100 pts Taunt (L button) just as the match ends. Your character has to be in the taunt pose when the Game Set letters come on the screen.
No Item 1000 pts Don't pick up any items during an entire battle.
Throw Down 2000 pts KO your last opponent with a throw.
Jackpot 3330 pts Finish the level with the lower two digits in your damage meter being the same (11%, 22% etc). 0% doesn't count. Not sure how this works if you have over 100%.
Smash Mania 3500 pts KO all foes with smash attacks.
Full Power 5000 pts Finish a match with 0% damage.
Smash-Less 5000 pts Win a battle without using any smashes.
Special Move 5000 pts Use only specials (B moves) during an entire battle.
Judo Master 5000 pts Only use throws in a match.
Mystic 7000 pts Win the match after losing a life, but before you return to the stage.
Single Move 8000 pts Use one and only one move during an entire battle.
Shield Breaker 8000 pts Break an opponent's shield during a match.
Last Second 8000 pts Win the match with one second left on the clock. Not applicable in infinite time mode.
Vegetarian 9000 pts Grab three Maximum Tomatoes during a match. Fat chance of this happening.
Lucky 3 9990 pts Finish the level with 3:33 left on the clock. Not applicable in infinite time mode.
Speedster 10000 pts Win the match within 30 seconds.
Star Finish 10000 pts Star finish your opponent (KO over the top boundary). Only seems to work if you have a single opponent
Butterfly 10000 pts KO your foe with a physical attack while they are trying to get back on the stage. Probably refers to a jump out attack or spike/send down.
Item Pitcher 10000 pts Win the match by chucking an item.
Pokemon Finish 11000 pts KO your opponent with a Pokemon that you deployed using a PokeBall.
Bumper Clear 11000 pts KO your last enemy with a bumper. Not the easiest thing to do...
Trickster 11000 pts Star finish ALL your opponents during the Yoshis, Kirbies, or Polygons matches.
Shooter 12000 pts Defeat your enemy by using only projectile attacks.
Star Clear 12000 pts Win a match while you have a starman (when you are invincible).
Booby Trap 12000 pts KO your last opponent with a Motion-Sensor bomb that you deployed.
No Damage 15000 pts Finish a battle without taking a single hit. Also applicable for the third bonus stage (Race to the Finish).
Mew Catcher 15000 pts Have Mew come out of your PokeBall, which only happens if you unlocked all four secret characters.
All Variations 15000 pts Use and connect with all or your character's moves during the match.
Item Throw 16000 pts Use item throw attacks more than other attacks. Not sure how this works, but is listed in the Smash Bros. strategy guide.
Heartthrob 17000 pts Collect three heart containers during a single battle. You usually won't even see one heart container in a battle, let alone three.
Hawk 18000 pts Use only aerial moves during a match.
Item Strike 20000 pts Use ONLY items during a match.
Comet Mystic 10000 pts Win the match while you are in the background (crossed the top boundary), but you haven't disappeared yet. Best chance of this happening is on Planet Zebes.
Heavy Damage 28000 pts Win a match with over 200% damage.
No Miss x ? 5000-55000 pts The largest bonuses in the game excluding the final Clear bouses. You get a No Miss for every consecutive battle you win without losing a life, starting at your first battle, and the bonuses increase each time you pull off the feat. If you die even once during the entire 1P game, you won't get these bonuses any more. If you clear the game without dying, you get 330000 pts in total from No Miss.
Pacifist 60000 pts Win without hitting your opponent. Happens most often with Pikachu on Saffron City, where he might Quick Attack himself to death.
Tornado Clear 3000 pts You get this if the whirlwind/tornado kills Link in level one of the single player campaign.
Yoshi Rainbow 50000 pts In the Yoshi battle, defeat the Yoshis in the order in which they appear.
Arwing Clear 4000 pts You get this if Fox gets KOed by the Arwing on the Sector Z level.
Good Friend 8000 pts Win the Mario Bros. match with your teammate still alive.
True Friend 25000 pts Win the Mario Bros. match with your teammate undammaged.
Bros. Calamity 25000 pts On the Mario Bros. stage, KO one of the brothers before damaging the other.
DK Defender 10000 pts Finish the giant DK level with both of your teammates alive.
DK Perfect 50000 pts Finish the giant DK level with no damage to your teammates.
Kirby Rank 25000 pts Defeat the Kirby team in the order in which they appear.
Acid Clear 1500 pts Win the Planet Zebes stage with the acid killing Samus.
Perfect 30000 pts Get all the targets or platforms in either Bonus Stages
Very Easy Clear 70000 pts Beat the game on Very Easy mode
Easy Clear 140000 pts Beat the game on Easy mode
Normal Clear 210000 pts Beat the game on Normal mode.
Hard Clear 280000 pts Beat the game on Hard mode
Very Hard Clear 350000 pts Beat the game on Very Hard mode.
No Miss Clear 70000 pts Complete the single player campaign without losing a single life. This is very hard to do on Very Hard mode.
Speed King 40000 pts Complete the single player game in under 20 minutes.
Speed Demon 80000 pts Complete the single player game in under 8 minutes. That's fast! This is mutually exclusive with the Speed King bonus (it's one or the other, not both).

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