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Most Smash players know that the multiplayer mode in Smash is the best part of the game. Compared to the multiplayer, the single player mode is a bit bland and boring, but in order to get certain secret stuff, you'll have to play single player a few times. That is unless you have a Game Shark or are playing on an emulator with Game Shark cheats (like me). Single player is not all that great, but you can play it if you are really bored and looking for a challenge. If you think you are super good, try beating one player mode on very hard without any continues. This guide also talks about how to use training mode to hone your skills and go into the bonus round practices.

1 P Game
Training Mode
Bonus Stages

1 P Game

This is the single player story mode that is available on Smash. It is interesting when you first play it but it gets repetitive after playing it a few times. You, of course, have no choice but to play it if you are missing certain secrets. This is a brief overview of the 1 P Game, so I won't go into too much details about bonuses and stuff on this page. For more information regarding 1P point bonuses and scoring methods, scoot over to my Single Player Scoring and Bonuses Page.
To access the 1 P Game, choose 1 P Mode in the main menu then choose 1 P Game in the next menu. You'll come to a character selection screen similar to that of the multiplayer one, but you'll find a few different options. On the centre top, you can adjust the amount of time that is allowed for each level. The two choices are 5 minutes (default) or infinite. You get more points with the 5 minute time limit because of the time bonuses. On the right of the time adjustment is the back button used to go back to the 1 P Mode menu. Below the buttons are the characters that you can select. On the bottom right there are two things you can adjust. The higher one sets the difficulty for the game. The choices are very easy, easy, normal, hard, and very hard. Very easy is well, very easy to beat and very hard is quite hard to beat without needing continues. You'll earn more points by choosing a harder difficulty level. The lower option allows you to adjust how many stocks your character has before you need to use a continue. You can have from one to five stocks. On the bottom right, the total high score of all your characters are shown if you haven't selected a character yet. If you selected a character, the character's high score will be shown. After choosing your character, press start to begin.

Level 1: You vs Link with 1 stock at Hyrule Castle
This Link is basically very pathetic and dumb. He's nothing like the level 9 Links even at Very Hard mode. Anyways, at the start of the match, Link will stand there and do nothing. Go ahead and start beating him up. He'll attack every few seconds, but you should be able to kick his ass with no problem. If you are careful, then you can probably kill him without taking any damage.

Level 2: You vs Yoshi Team on Yoshi's Island without the side clouds
This is another easy level. You are up against a total of 18 Yoshis and will face up to 3 at a time. Sounds hard right? Not!! These Yoshis rarely attack and they are pathetically light, so one or two hits should be able to take care of one. Just KO them all and you are done. If you KO them in the order that they appear, you get a special bonus added to your points.

Level 3: You vs. Fox with 1 stock at Sector Z
This is the first level that might present a bit of challenge. Fox is quick and nimble. He likes pegging you with his blasters and will try to juggle you. Most projectiles chucked at him will also be reflected back at you. If you practiced enough, Fox shouldn't be too hard to dispatch.

Level 4: Break the Targets Bonus Stage
Depending on who you chose, a specific bonus stage will show up. Your goal is to break all 10 targets on the stage in the shortest amount of time possible. If the five minute timer is on, then you only have two minutes to complete the stage. This task requires a bit of skills to do. Don't worry if you die, since no stock is taken from your total lives. For instructions, please visit the third page of each character's guides.

Level 5: You and one random cpu will face the Mario brothers (each with 1 stock) on Peach's Castle
Depending what difficulty you chose, this can be easy or hard. On easy difficulties, just let your partner do all the work and help out a little bit and you should win. On harder difficulties, your partner wil be very stupid and die easily, and the Mario brothers can combo you pretty bad. You should go after the brother that your partner is after so you guys can kill one first, then have a little 2 on 1 with the other one.

Level 6: You against Pikachu with 1 stock in Saffron City
Pikachu is kinda dumb in this level, so it shouldn't be too hard. Just go stand on the right side building and sometimes Pikachu will Quick Attack himself to death. Or else he'll run against the hospital door and a Pokemon will come out and knock him away. Pikachu isn't too hard. Just smash and bash him off the stage.

Level 7: You and two cpu partners vs Giant DK with 1 stock in Congo Jungle
You are facing with a DK that is bigger, heavier, and more powerful than the regular DK. Again, Giant DK could be easy or hard, depending on the difficulty level. If your character has a projectile, just start pegging DK while he's busy fighting with your partners. After your partners die or DK is over 150% in damage, just go near him and throw or smash him off the stage. Edge guard him if he tries to come back. The best person to take care of Giant DK is DK himself. DK's giant punch will make short work of even Giant DK. Oh yeah, avoid Giant DK's giant punch at all costs. I don't have to tell you why.

Level 8: Board the Platforms Bonus Stage
This is another character specific bonus stage that is like the break the target. In this stage your character needs to board 10 platforms to win. If the five minute timer is on, then you only have two minutes to complete the stage. If you fall to your death, no lives will be taken from your total. For instructions, please visit the third page of each character's guides.

Level 9: You vs. Kirby Team at Dream Land
The Kirby Team is a total of 8 Kirbies. You'll face up to two at a time. The first 7 Kirbies will have powers stolen from the other 7 original characters. The final Kirby will be the original one with no powers. These Kirbies are very light, but are a bit heavier than the Yoshis you fought earlier. They like to use their stolen powers against you. These Kirbies shouldn't be too hard to kill.

Level 10: You vs. Samus with 1 stock on Planet Zebes
Samus is pretty good, but you should be better than her. This is just a one on one battle with Samus, so use your skills to beat her up and knock her off the stage. Watch out for the acid that rises periodically on the stage. Throwing Samus into the acid and killing her will get you a bunch of bonus points.

Level 11: You vs. Metal Mario with 1 stock on special stage
Metal Mario is like Mario, except he is slow and very, very heavy. However, Metal Mario falls very fast so if you manage to throw him out a little, he will die. At the beginning of the match, Metal Mario will just walk along the top platform. Go beat him up for some damage. After a while, he'll come after you. Metal Mario doesn't attack much. When he gets over 150%, try to throw him off the stage. Eventually he won't be able to make it back.

Level 12: Race to the Finish Bonus Stage
You start on the top left of the stage. You have two minutes to run to the end of the stage on the lower right corner. You run to the right on the first stretch and dodge the polygon fighter along the way. Jump down and run to the left past a bunch of floating bumpers. Jump down again and run to the right while avoiding another polygon. Go down then run left while jumping over exploding barrels that come out from a part of the ceiling. Go to the end and jump down to the final stretch, where another polygon is waiting for you. Run past the polygon and into the exit. How fast you complete this stage will affect how many points you get, so run like hell through the whole stage.

Level 13: You vs The Fighting Polygon Team on a special stage similar to Dream Land
In this stage, you have to fight a total of 30 polygon representations of Smash characters. These polygons lack throws and special moves, and each of them weight somewhere between a Kirby team member and a Yoshi team member. Even though they lack certain attacks, they will use their smashes liberally and you have to face up to three of them at the same time. When the difficulty level is turned up high, this will be the most difficult stage to clear without getting killed. A healing item will help out a lot here, so will a hammer or a star. You'll have to dodge a lot in order to win without getting KOed.

Level 14: You vs. Master Hand at Final Destination (name of this stage in Smash Bros Melee)
Okay, you are now at the last level facing the final boss. The Master Hand is a giant hand in a white glove floating in mid air. Instead of percentages, the Master Hand has a total of 300 health points that you need to deplete in order to win. You can't grab the Master Hand and any low ground moves won't hit him. The Hand will float for a while and you can attack it at will, then it will use one of the following listed attacks to try to get you. Most of his attacks are easy to dodge or block so you shouldn't worry about them too much. As the Hand loses health points, he will rest for shorter and shorter periods of time and will move more frequently from side to side in an effort to dodge your attacks. Just deplete all 300 health points and the Master Hand explodes, and you win the game. Oh, did I mention that there will be no items in this level. You don't really need them anyways. Here's a list of Master Hand's attacks.
Hand Drill: The Hand will launch into the air and come back down on you in a drill motion. If you get caught, you will receive 25% of damage. Block or dodge the drill.
Poke: The Hand will point his index finger at you and will poke at you twice. Do not block this because the pokes will break your shield. Just jump around and the pokes will miss.
Walking Fire Kick: The Hand will walk on his index and middle fingers. When he comes close to you, his index finger will kick you and set you on fire. Jump over the Master Hand to dodge this.
Bullets: The Hand will make himself look like a gun and point his index and middle fingers at you. He will shoot one bullet if he has over 100 hp or three bullets if he has less than 100 hp. Jump around or block the bullet(s). If you are Ness, use your down B to recover damage.
Rocket Ship: The Hand will launch into the air shooting out fire that can burn you, and flies into the background. Then he'll fly back from the background in an effort to hit you and finally come back from the right to try and poke you with his out stretched finger. Just jump over the hit attempts. This attack recovers really slowly so you can get more hits in once he has came back.
Hand Flick: The Hand will shake his hand like he is trying to shake a fly off twice across the stage. Just jump over him.
Horizontal Swipe: The Hand will swipe at you with his palm open from right to left. Jump over the attack.
Horizontal Punch: Same deal as the move above, but this time the Hand is in fist form.
Vertical Electric Punch: The Hand will hover high above you in fist form for a few seconds then come down very fast on to the ground. You get electricuted if you get hit. The recovery for this attack is long because the hand has to shake off the pain from punching the ground. Blocking this punch might result in a broken shield.
Background Slap Down: The Hand will fly into the background and slap down on to the ground with force. This move is very powerful and will kill you at low damages if you don't block. If you block, it might break your shield, but that's better than flying off the screen.
Background Punch: The Hand flies into the background and tries to punch you from the background. This is another very powerful move and takes a lot of your shield away.

After beating the Master Hand, you will see the total amount of points you have earned through the game. After that, you will see the credits of the game. Press A to see what a certain person did. Press B to stop or resume the credits. Press start to go through the credits quickly or go back to normal speed. After that, you will see a screen with your character on it saying something along the lines of "Good Job" or "You're Great!" The game doesn't necessarily end here. If you met the conditions for unlocking some hidden options, the screen will tell you so. If you met the conditions to unlock a hidden character, the character will challenge you to an one stock battle on their stage. Beat the character and you can use choose him in the character selection screens. Anyways, all single player games end and the software sends you back to the starting screen with the "Super Smash Brothers" in bubble letters. Congratulations, you beat the 1P Game. If you haven't unlocked all the secrets, you'll have to go back and beat it again.
If you happen to lose all your lives during a 1P Game, you will have ten seconds to choose to continue or quit the game. Continuing will give you all your lives back, but it will cut your current point total in half.

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Training Mode

Training Mode is the option right below the 1 P Game in the menu. Training Mode is good way to test out the controls if you are new to Smash Brothers. You can get familiar with each of the characters and also test out how items work. Entering Training Mode will bring you to a character selection screen. Choose the character you want to use and use the C buttons to change the costumes. Then choose your cpu training "partner." A partner is selected already when you enter the selection screen, but you might want to choose another one. Press start to go into stage selection, where you can pick the stage you want. Press A or start when you highlight the stage you want to use to begin a training session.
When the session starts, your character and your "partner" will already be on the stage, skipping the usual entrance animations. The crowd will cheer loudly at the beginning for whatever reason. The usual background of the stage is replaced by the HAL Labs logo and the music is also different. Items will not appear automatically in this mode. Anyways, at default, your "partner" just stands there and you can beat him/her up however you like. If you knock him/her off the stage, the cpu will attempt to jump back. To adjust the options in Training Mode, press the start button. The game will pause but this pause is different than a real match pause. The camera does not focus on you, you and the cpu will fall to the ground if you are in the air and the stage hazards keep moving, but it doesn't really matter since both your character and your punching bag have infinite number of lives. Pressing start will give you the following options:
CP: This adjusts the way your training "partner" behaves. The first choice is stand, which is the default. Press right and you get walk, which will make the cpu walk around on a certain part of the stage. If the cpu is knocked away from this part, he/she will walk and jump back to that part of the stage. The next option is evade, which makes the cpu jump around in order to avoid your attacks. In this mode, the cpu doesn't know how to use the third jump to get back on to the stage if knocked off. Then after evade is jump, which makes the cpu jump on one specific part of the stage. Like walk mode, the cpu will try to get back to that part of the stage if knocked away from it. The last cpu mode is attack, which basically turns the cpu into a level 3 fighter, which means the cpu will attack you, but he/she is pretty dumb. This is the only mode where the cpu will purposely go after you.
Items: You can scroll through a list of all items except containers in this list. Press A when you have the item you want displayed to get the item to appear on stage beside your character. There can a maximum of four items on stage in Training Mode.
Speed: This controls how fast the action is in Training Mode. The default is 1/1 which is normal speed. You can adjust the speed to 2/3, 1/2 or 1/4 to slow things down.
View: This controls the what the camera focuses on. The default setting is normal, in which the camera tries to keep both players in the frame. You can change it to close up and the camera will only focus on the character you control.
Reset: Starts Training Mode all over again.
Exit: Exit Training Mode and go back to the character selection screen.

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Bonus Practices

The last two options allow you to play the break the targets and the board the platforms bonus stages for each character. Choose either option and you get to a character selection screen. Putting the token over a character will show the character's best times or the most number of targets or platforms that character has got if you haven't been able to beat these stages yet. Every character has his/her own unique bonus stages. The bonus stages are pretty boring but you need to beat every single one of them to access certain hidden features in the game, so get going. The bonus stages are not all that easy so it might take a few tries. For instructions, please visit the third page of each character's guides.

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