Dream Land

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General Info

Dream Land is the home stage of Kirby, the puffy pink alien. The stage is basically a pice of land floating in mid air. This is probably the smallest stage available and it is definitely one of the most simple stages of all.


Just behind where the characters walk around are a few tree, one of them being the Wispy Willow, which is a boss in a lot of Kirby games. Behind the trees there is a little fence and in the far background is blue sky with some mulit-coloured clouds. Sometimes a weird thing flies by in the background.


dream land layout

As I have said before, Dream Land is a very simple stage. It consists of three platforms(1) which form a triangle and below the platforms is the main stage with an edge on each end of it. Below everything, of course, is the standard pit. That's all there is to say about the layout.


There are no active hazards on Dream Land. For the passive hazards, there is the standard pit on most stages. Now you are thinking, there is that tree on the stage that is one of Kirby's enemies. Doesn't he do something? Well, yeah, the tree will do something, but I don't think anybody is going to get killed by him. The willow will face either left or right and start blowing wind once in a while, slowly pushing the players on the ground towards the edge of the stage. If you are on the other side of the tree or on the top platform, the wind can't get to you. The wind will probably never kill since players only slide slowly when getting blown by it. Even though, you should be aware that the willow is there and sometimes it might blow you off the stage if you are standing on the very edge.

Item Appearance Spots

Items will fall from the sky on to all three platforms and they will also appear below the platforms and fall on to the main stage. Sometimes items will also appear beside the lower platforms and on top of the edges and these items will fall on to the edges of the main stage.

Character Appearance Spots

1P appears in the middle of the main stage. 2P appears on the left platform. 3P appears on the top platform and 4P will appear on the right platform. The character reappearance spot is above the top platform.

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Dream Land is so simple and so plain so that I can't really think of much to tell you regarding battle tactics on this stage. Just remember that this is a small stage so you can't sit around and do nothing, so you need to be on the attack or else other people will beat you off the stage.


Luigi is not especially good or bad on this stage, so just do your best and use his good moves to defeat your opponents.


Mario is about the same with Luigi, which means he doesn't have any special tricks he can do on Dream Land. Just do your best to win.

Donkey Kong

DK is okay on this stage. The stage's small size means that DK will have a harder time trying to charge his punch or avoiding his opponents, but it also means that his opponents can't run away from him. Dream Land is a pretty good stage for spiking, so take advantage of that with DK's tomohawk spike.


Link is not too good on small stages, because it means that it will be easier to knock him off and his jumping is the worst among all character. Link needs to stay alert so that he doesn't get knocked off, because he has a very hard time trying to recover from hits. So you better start rolling and jumping and dodging like crazy or other people will easily kill Link.


Samus is okay with this stage. It's a pretty good stage for send downs. The small size means Samus has to do more work to get her shot charged and to avoid cheap tactics by the likes of Kirby or DK, but just play intelligently, and Samus will have a chance to win.

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is like Link, so he is not too good on this stage either. Stay alert, roll and block a lot, and run away if things are not going too well. Catch people during their recovery and get them with a fast hit like a Falcon Kick and then follow up with some harder power blows. Falcon is not a particularly good spiker, but he can spike on this stage if you are careful with him.


Ness is not bad on this stage. He can easily send people down here with his step kick and he can also juggle here too. Just don't aim for the edge during PK Cannonball, because Ness will bounce off the edge and fall into the abyss.


Yoshi is okay on this stage. He can egg people who are on the platforms and use jump around to avoid people. Yoshi can also send people down with his forward A, which is a plus.


Kirby is pretty good on his own stage. The presence of platforms means Kirby can use his jumps to battle and out jump people in the air and the small size means opponents can't escape from Kirby's barrage of fast close range power hits. Kirby can also easily send people down with his drill kick. Overall this is a pretty good stage for Kirby.


This stage is a bit small for long range sniping, but Fox can still use his blaster fine. This stage is also pretty good for juggling too, which is something good Fox players should know how to do.


This stage is okay for Pikachu. Pikachu can always use his thunder attack to fry people who stand above him and the platforms allow Pikachu to take advantage of his good jumping and formidable air moves.


Jigglypuff is okay on Dream Land, but its small size makes it easier for others to knock poor Jiggly off the stage and Jiggly doesn't come back very well. As always with Jigglypuff, you need to very alert and attack at the right time to get a chance to win.

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My Opinion

This is stage is okay. It is a bit plain and kind of small, but that means you don't have to worry about hazards and people running away on every occasion. The small size of the stage means that competitors can't just jump around and wait for other people to kill themselves, since the other players will easily reach anyones else on the stage. You have to go all out to fight on this stage, which makes it a pretty fun stage for a free for all.

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