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Buttons: Z or hold R while on the ground.
Description: Falcon has a regular shield like most characters. It looks like a translucent sphere that shrinks with every hit delivered on to it. Falcon's shield is of average size, but since he's so tall, the shield isn't quite big enough for him.


Buttons: Tap control stick sideways while on the ground.
Description: Falcon doesn't run. He sprints! He's body is slanted forward when he zips right to left. The falcon, a bird of prey in the real world is among the fastest animals in the world. It comes as no surprise that Captain Falcon is the fastest runner in Smash.


Buttons: Z or hold R + push stick sideways
Description: Falcon actually flips when rolling backwards but he rolls on the forward roll. Falcon's rolls are pretty fast.


Buttons: Tap stick upwards or press any C buttons
Description: Falcon jumps straight up for his first jump, or he will somersault backwards with legs extended rather than tucked if you push jump and back and the same time. He somersaults forward or backwards on his second jump, again with legs extended, depending on which way the control stick is pulled. Falcon is an okay jumper, and he jumps quite fast, but...

Flight Path and Falling

Falcon doesn't fly all that high from hits. He also falls quite fast. These two factors combine to make it difficult for Falcon to jump back from a sideway hit.

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Cpu Tendencies

The cpu Falcon is a pretty good cpu player. He will use all the moves available to him. He seems to like his down smash a lot on the ground, but he will use his other smashes as well. In the air, Falcon's favourite move is his up A flip kick, which can get annoying and can juggle quite well. He will also use his other air moves too. Falcon will also use his specials. He likes to Falcon Kick people on the ground when he is in the air. He rarely uses the Falcon Kick when he's on the ground though. If you block, sometimes Falcon will use the Falcon dive on you. Falcon will also attempt the Falcon Punch. He'll miss most of the time, but sometimes he manages to nail a few people. (and sometimes he manages to do so in the air. Fluke.)

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Run Around the Enemy

Falcon has the fastest running speed in Smash, so you need to take advantage of that. The fast running speed lets Falcon get from one place to another very quickly and therefore can get into good position. If you are new to Falcon, you need to practice a lot with him since it's easy to run past your intended spot with Falcon. When you get the hang of Falcon's running, you can get a lot of hits with the running attack and Falcon will be able to use the run 'n grab technique very effectively.

Falcon's Send Downs
Falcon is not a bad jumper, but he falls quite fast and his spike move will make him fall even faster. You have to very careful when you attempt a spike with Falcon since it's very easy to commit suicide with Falcon. Remember, one jump to jump out, and use the other two jumps to return to the stage. For safety, use the spike only when Falcon is still travelling upwards or has a lot of altitude to burn. This way Falcon won't fall low enough so he can't come back. For Falcon, just spike the people who try to drift on the stage. Don't ever try to spike someone below the edge or Falcon will be history.

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Falcon vs...


Use Falcon's superior speed to run around Luigi and get hits in with the shoulder ram, falcon kicks, and the throws. Watch out for Luigi's smashes, but Falcon doesn't lose out to Luigi in terms of close combat. If you can, carry the fight into the air where Falcon's longer reach will swing the tides in your favour. Watch out for the drill kill/ fire punch combo from Luigi. The fireballs can get annoying too but they are more of a nuisance than a real threat. Juggle Luigi since he doesn't have a high priority downward hit. When Luigi has high enough damage, either juggle him into the sky or bash him off the stage.


Mario is about the same as Luigi, but he has no fire punch but a better running move and fireball. Watch out for the fireball since they can be very annoying. Use the same strategy as the one used for Luigi to beat Mario.

Donkey Kong

If you play it right, DK is actually quite easy to defeat. Use Falcon's speed to run circles around DK. When the fight is not in your favour, just run away. There's a simple way to kill DK as Falcon. Just hit DK off the stage. If DK tries to come back high, either spike him or hit him with Falcon's aerial power moves. If he tries to come back from level ground or from below, use the Falcon Punch. The Falcon Punch's high priority will usually go through DK's spinning kong and knock DK out for good. DK is a big target and therefore is easier to hit with the punch. Also Falcon has an advantage in the air with faster and more powerful moves. As always, avoid DK's smashes, his throws, and of course the giant punch.


Link is another powerhouse like DK. Falcon will want to avoid Link's powerful sword attacks, especially his down and forward smash, spin slash, and forward and down air attacks. The boomerang is annoying too so get out of the way or block if you see it coming. If Link tries the down A, dodge it and hit Link while he's recovering. Another opportunity is if Link tries to grab with his hookshot. Dodge the hookshot and Falcon gets a free hit. Since Link is quite heavy and hard to kill outright, it'll take more work to star finish him. It's much easier to kill link over the sides since Link falls fast and is bad at jumping back. Edge guard him or spike him down and he should die easily. You better pray that Falcon don't get knocked off the stage with Link as the edge guarder. Link is one of the best edge guarders and will make it difficult for Falcon to comeback on the stage. Falcon is a lot faster than Link so a running battle will be better for Falcon. Falcon also has faster moves in the air, so you might get an advantage in an aerial battle.


The key to beating Samus is to stay close to her, since Falcon has a faster grab and better smashes. Staying close also prevents Samus from charging her charge shot. Always watch out for the screw attack that might come from nowhere. Surprise Samus with the Falcon Kick and hit her off the stage when she's at high damage. When coming back agaisnt Samus, stay low during comeback, since Samus is a pretty good spiker.

Captain Falcon

Falcon against another Falcon. The better Falcon will win here. Remember Falcon is bad at come backs, so knock him off the side and edge guard.

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Nesses like throw, spike and juggle. Good Ness players will also use their step kick to combo, so avoid that as well. The PK fire can also cause headaches. When coming back against Ness, you better cross your fingers and aim for the edge. Ness' down smash yo-yo is a potent edge guarding tool and also coming back by floating will surely get the attention of Ness' foot in the form of a step kick send down.
As Falcon, use your fast speed to combo Ness using shoulder rams, down smashes and Falcon Kicks. Ness can juggle, but so can Falcon. Ness has good throws, but he has to get pretty close to grab Falcon. Give Ness a kick in the head to remind him not to try again. If Ness runs straight at you, Falcon kick him since Ness won't be able to react fast enough. Ness is not heavy so Falcon's power hits will send him pretty far. Down jump out at Ness when he tries to recover since his recovery move can kill you. Instead, just wait around the edge and beat Ness back out when he tries to land.


Even though Yoshi is pretty heavy, he is quite easy to kill. Get his damage up then knock him off the stage. When he tries to jump back with his second jump and he's starting to fall downwards, jump out and hit him back out. Since Yoshi has no third jump, he's basically screwed. If Yoshi is in the rising part of the jump, you can try and do a Falcon Dive on him to kill his momentum. You don't want to get smashed by Yoshi, especially the up smash which is the most powerful smash attack for sending people over the side boundaries. Good Yoshi players will combo with the flurry kick (air down A) withe the up smash and that could do some tremendous damage. The ground pound is dangerous as well but it is easy to avoid and its slow recovery gives Falcon the chance to hit back. Falcon shouldn't be too worried about Yoshi spiking him down if you always aim for the edge. Some Yoshi players will try to egg you over the side. If you get turned into an egg near the edge, use the analog stick to control where the egg lands and mash the buttons to get out faster.


Kirby is very cheap. Kirby can out grab and out smash Falcon. Kirby's most dangerous weapon is his forward smash lunge kick, which happens to be the most powerful forward smash in the game and is quick and combos very nicely. Kirby's running combo consisting of lunge kicks and tackles are very effective and hard to escape if your damage is low. Do not get trapped between Kirby and a wall, because Kirby will bounce Falcon against the wall like a pinball or trap him there with his infinite combo. Of course, Falcon can also trap Kirby against a wall with his own infinite combo. Kirby can also spike very well and the lunge kick is a good edge guard so comebacks will be difficult. Kirby's air moves are also formidable with an array of power moves and drill kicks, but Falcon's moves are more powerful and has longer reach. The stone also hurts a lot, but you should be able to dodge it if you pay attention and get Falcon to hit back when Kirby transforms back.
To win agains Kirby, Falcon needs to run a lot, using his shoulder ram and Falcon kicks to throw Kirby off his comboing grove. Hit Kirby into the air and juggle him. Kirby is pretty light so it wouldn't be too hard to kill Kirby. Don't let Kirby steal the Falcon Punch because he'll be more annoying than before.


Fox is fast and nimble, and he juggles real well. Don't try to be above Fox because his juggle kick and up smash are very powerful. You can teach Fox a lesson by juggling him with Falcon. Fox also has his annoying blaster that he likes to peg people with. Avoid getting hit by the blaster and never run straight at Fox because he'll peg you like crazy. If Fox wants to do the run straight at Falcon, give him the Falcon kick. Use Falcon's power moves to knock Fox off the stage and then edge guard or spike Fox down.


Pikachu is pretty fast and nimble also, but he doesn't juggle like Fox. Pikachu players like to throw a lot and for good reason. Pikachu has one of the fastest grabs in the game and has a very strong back throw. If Pikachu charges at Falcon, send him away with the Falcon Kick. Pikachu's forward smash is great for edge guarding, but too slow for hand to hand combat, so make him pay by dodging the hit and then pay him back with a power move. His other smashes are pretty quick, but Falcon can just run away if you don't like the situation. Do not block for too long or Pikachu will throw Falcon. Pikachu is pretty light, which means he'll get killed pretty easily. Pikachu will usually recover from attempts to knock him out of the stage sideways, unless of course you send him over the boundary outright. Watch out for Pikachu's thunder jolts which can get annoying and try to avoid being straight above Pikachu because he'll probably thunder Falcon.


Jigglypuff is an easy opponent unless the player is extremely skilled. Jiggly is basically a weakened and lightened version of Kirby with less jumping ability. Jigglypuff is simply too light to do much. He'll get killed at absurdly low percentages, so you shouldn't have too hard of a time killing Jiggly. The two things you should watch out for against Jiggly is the up smash, which isn't any weaker than Mario's headbutt and the drill kick/rest combo which can kill at really low damages. Don't get hit by his other smashes as well since they still hurt pretty bad. Avoid the drill kick by dodging or using the overhead flamethrower, or even better, the screw attack, to counter. Jiggly also has a pretty good back throw, and the pound move can become annoying over time. Anyways, Jiggly shouldn't be too hard for Falcon. Just hit Jiggly off the stage. Just juggle him into the sky or smash him over the sides.

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Pros and Cons List


-fastest runner in the game
-powerful attacks
-good damage tolerance


-some moves have slow startup or recovery times
-not good at recovering
-can be hard to control
-very short grab
-tall profile makes him an easier target

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Final Verdict

Falcon is a powerhouse character. He has a bunch of very powerful attacks, but some of them are a bit slow for easy usage. Falcon excels in the air, but he has hard times trying to jump back on to the stage. Falcon is not a character for beginners since he's hard to control and the timings to some of his moves are learned through lots of experience. If you know how to use Falcon, you can get a lot of kills with him. Or else you get really pissed because you keep dying.

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