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Break the Targets
Board the Platforms

Break the Targets

Captain Falcon's break the targets stage diagram

Falcon's "Break the Targets" stage isn't too bad. Here are the instructions:

1. Break target 1 to the left.
2. Jump up and break target 2.
3. Break target 3 on the higher solid platform on the right.
4. Jump up the platforms and break target 4.
5. Drop down to the small moving platform and break target 5.
6. Double jump and break target 6. Land on the little ledge below.
7. Falcon Punch (B) through the wall to break target 7.
8. Double jump and time a Falcon punch to break target 8.
9. Get to the right edge of the stage. Stand very close to the edge and Falcon Punch target 9.
10. Suicide jump off the edge, drift left and jump up to break the final target.

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Board the Platforms

Captain Falcon's board the platforms stage diagram

There are actually two fast ways to get through Falcon's "Board the Platforms" stage. The instructions below is the way I like to use and is not the same way as following the stage arrows. I find this way a little bit easier, but you can follow the arrows if you like.

1. Run to the left to activate platforms 1 and 2.
2. Run to the right and drop down the glass thingy (light blue on the diagram) that contains platform 3. Platform 3 will eventually rise up to the top and Falcon will activate it.
3. Jump to the right and board platform 4.
4. Now jump to the little edge on the right and then drop down from there to platform 5. Platform 5 moves very quickly from side to side, but only has a very limited range of movements. If you miss, you can always get back up from platform 6 or the little block in between.
5. Drop down and land on platform 6 if you haven't done so already.
6. Jump under the wall and land on platform 7.
7 . Jump to the little ledge to the left (the one under the glass thing) and jump left again to the L shaped solid platform. The rapidly moving wall in the bottom doesn't really affect the first jump.
8. Get to another glass thingy and activate platform 8.
9. Jump on to platform 9 on the right.
10. Now run left and jump through and land on the final platform.

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