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Break the Targets
Board the Platforms

Break the Targets

Fox's break the targets stage diagram

Fox's "Break the Targets" stage is a little bit tricky, but you should be able to complete it if you know what you are doing. Here are the instructions:

1. Break target 1 to the right.
2. Jump up and break target 2.
3. Triple jump to break target 3.
4. Jump up the steps to the right and break target 4.
5. Jump up to the platform and break target 5.
6. Jump up to the even higher platform to the left. Now jump up and get the highest target.
7. Get back on to that high platform and jump to the left. Drift until Fox is under the little cap thing above target 7. Use firefox (up B) to fry the target.
8. Once Fox lands, have him triple jump again to get target 8.
9. Now stand on the solid platform and shoot Fox's blaster to the left. Target 9 moves up and down and the two walls before it (the orange pieces) also moves
up and down. Just keep shooting and you'll nail the target eventually.
10. This is the toughest part of the stage. Jump off the right side of the platform and shoot the target under the main stage. It might take you a few times until you can get this one, since if you miss, you have to start all over again. Don't get frustrated if it takes a while.

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Board the Platforms

Fox's board the platforms stage diagram

Fox's "Board the Platforms" stage is a little bit weird. There are four platforms (the blue ones in the diagram) that moves on a designated path roughly clockwisely from the stage. Fox starts on one of these platforms. Anyways, here is what I think is the most efficient way to complete this stage.

1. Board platforms 1, 2, and 3. Get back on the moving platform
2. Avoid the two bumpers (the orange dots) as the platform rises.
3. As the platform takes a right turn, drop down and activate platform 4. Jump back on to the platform.
4. Dodge/block the various bouncing bumpers and activate platform 5. Get back on the moving platform.
5. Dodge/block another whirling bumper on the platform's way down the right side. Activate platfrom 6 and hop back on to your platform.
6. When your platform is below the gap in the "ceiling," triple jump into to get to the part of the stage where some blocks are doing their best impression of a wave (the orange things in the middle of the diagram). Steer a bit left during the third jump to avoid the bumper in the corner. Activate platform 7.
7. Drop down through where you came from, avoid another bumper, and drift on to platform 8. Wait for a moving platform to come by and get on.
8. Activate platform 9 as the moving platform gets near it. Get back on the moving platform and avoid another bumper.
9. Finally when the platform is at the bottom of the chute, triple jump upwards to activate the final platform.

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