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Buttons: Z or hold R while on the ground.
Description: Jigglypuff's shield is like the shield of most other character's. It is a translucent sphere that shrinks every time it blocks an impact. Jigglypuff's shield is actually quite large and easily covers himself and then some. This does come with a price though. If Jigglypuff's shield breaks, he will scream in pain and fly straight into the air and star finish himself unless there's a solid ceiling above or someone hits him out of the flight. I'm not making this up. Jigglypuff does do that, and this is yet another reason why not many people likes Jigglypuff. By the way, the person who broke Jiggly's shield gets a point for the KO in this situation.


Buttons: Tap control stick sideways while on the ground.
Description: Jigglypuff runs really weird. He actually leans his left side forward when he runs. I'm not sure why he does that. Jigglypuff is not particularly fast, but he is not slow either.


Buttons: Z or hold R + push stick sideways
Description: Jigglypuff actually rolls backwards and forwards for his rolls. His rolls are pretty fast like most other rolls.


Buttons: Tap stick upwards or press any C buttons
Description: Jigglypuff has the same jumps as Kirby. He jumps straight up for his first jump and then he has five air jumps in the air. Jigglypuff puffs himself into a balloon when he jumps in the air. The jumps decrease in power as Jigglypuff continues to jump. Jigglypuff can turn around anytime during any jump just like Kirby. Jiggly's jumps are pretty slow.

Flight Path and Falling

Since Jigglypuff is the lightest character in the game, he flies really really far horizontally and vertical when hit by a power move. Since Jiggly is a balloon Pokemon, he falls very very slowly, giving him more time to drift back on to the stage.

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Cpu Tendencies

Even though Jigglypuff has limited resources, the cpu Jiggly is not as bad as he could have been. Even though, cpu Jiggly is usually pretty easy to defeat. Cpu Jigglypuff will use all his ground moves and air attacks against an opponent. You should watch out for his smashes, especially the up smash, and also be careful of the up A air juggle. Cpu Jiggly loves to use his pound move, and that sometimes can get pretty annoying. Cpu Jiggly is good with the pound and can time it really well. Cpu Jiggly will never use rest, which is probably a good idea for a cpu, but he tends to sing a lot. When Jiggly sings, either go in with an air attack or something with a lot reach or a projectile. It's a basically a free hit. Since Jigglypuff is so light, you can kill him at absurdly low damages, especially if you are using a powerhouse character like DK or Link.

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Dodge Like Mad

In DK's section, I told you that DK needs to dodge a lot because of his slow speed and big size. In Jigglypuff's case, he needs to dodge because his damage tolerance is very poor. A lot of weak moves that wouldn't kill anybody else will kill poor Jigglypuff. Dodging involves a lot of rolling in tight situations, so practice the roll during training mode and with cpus. It also involves running away from bad situations. Don't be ashamed to run away, since staying there will probably mean Jigglypuff will sustain damage and fly really far. Since Jiggly also has slow jumps, he also gets hit easily while in the air, so either try your best to move Jiggly away or strike first before the enemy can do his/her attack.

Drill Kick Combos

Even though Jigglypuff's drill kick doesn't spike like Kirby's, it's still a pretty good move and can set up another power hit for Jigglypuff. You need to learn this especially to use Jiggly's rest attack effectively. You don't necessarily have to dirll kick from above the opponent. If the opponent is on a platform above Jiggly, you can jump up and drill kick the person. Jigglypuff's drill kick pops the opponent up a bit. There are three good choices of which moves Jigglypuff can use after the drill. The first choice is the rest attack, but make sure Jigglypuff is touching the target before you press the buttons, or Jiggly might miss and he'll be screwed. If the the opponent pops a bit away, Jigglypuff can use his down smash or up smash to send the opponent away. In most situations, Jigglypuff will drill kick the victim down to the ground, so the smash attacks are the common choices. Even though neither smash is nearly as powerful as rest, they can still knock people pretty far. Actually, the up smash has a pretty good KO rate, so you might want to use that if the opponent has about 70% damage after the drill kicks.

Juggling with Jugglypuff

Some people say Jigglypuff is the best juggler or second best juggler in the game of Smash. Personally, I never really found Jigglypuff to be that good. He is about the same as Ness, Yoshi, or Falcon in my opinion. Jigglypuff does have an advantage of having multiple jumps, so he can get more air time than the other. However, the reach of the overhead hand swat is a bit short for my tastes, and it is a bit too powerful in the sense that the opponent will fly high enough that he/she will be able to recover and stomp on Jiggly's head. Jigglypuff can juggle in two ways. The first way is using the hand swat (up + A in the air), which is pretty easy to do but hard to do well. Basically Jiggly just has to get below or beside an opponent and perform the move. The second easier, but less powerful way is by using pound. Pound once and the opponent flies behind Jiggly, so turn Jiggly around and pound the opponent again. If the opponent has low damage, he/she can't escape until Jiggly has hit him/her several times.

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Jigglypuff vs...


Avoid Luigi's smash attacks, since all of them will send Jigglypuff to on a long trip. The plumbers air sideways kicks are also pretty strong. Dodge the fireballs since every bit a damage will make Jiggly that close to being dead. The fire punch is always dangerous, and wil probably kill Jiggly at around 30% damage. To win, Jiggly will have to out smash Luigi on the ground. Luigi doesn't have a good defence against juggling, so juggle him. Get him with the back throw too and if you get a chance, try to connect with the drill kick rest combo to send Luigi bye bye. Edge guard Luigi with the lunge kick, but don't stand too close to the edge because he might be able to fire punch Jiggly during comeback.


Mario is about the same as Luigi, but he has no fire punch but a better running move and fireball. Again, watch out for Mario's smashes, especially the down smash and headbutt. Don't get hit by the fireballs either. Just use the same strategy for Luigi to beat Mario.

Donkey Kong

DK's big size and slow speed makes him an easier target for Jigglypuff's drilll kick combos. Hopefully you'll land the rest attack but that still doesn't guarantee that the big lug will die. Bring the fight to the air where DK doesn't have many good moves. Any of DK's smashes, his up strong attack and the giant punch will kill Jiggly in no time. DK's back throw is a bona fide killer for light characters, especially Jiggly, so don't get grabbed by DK. DK can also be juggled since his down A attack is too slow. When coming back against DK, aim for the edge and try to come from below, since DK can spike and also has a long reach for his edge guarding moves (namely the giant punch). Jiggly will have to work up DK's damage, and send him off stage with a power move and edge guard him.


Link is another powerhouse like DK. Jigglypuff will want to avoid Link's powerful sword attacks, especially his down and forward smash, spin slash, and forward and down air attacks. Watch for the boomerang as well since it's annoying and can set up a power hit for Link, and you don't want that to happen. Jiggly can strike back since a lot of Link's attacks (especially his air moves) takes a long time to recover from and he has a slow grab. Since Link is quite heavy and hard to kill outright, it'll take more work to star finish him. It's much easier to kill link over the sides since Link falls fast and is bad at jumping back. Raise Link's damage up and then hit him off the stage. Edge guard him and he should die easily.


The key to beating Samus is to stick close to her, and use Jigglypuff's better smashes to raise Samus' damage. Try your best not to let Samus get away to get an opportunity to charge her charge shot. Also watch out for Samus' quick forward smash and her aerial back kick, both of which can send Jigglypuff flying. Jigglypuff can easily out grab Samus, so throw her whenever you can. Knock Samus off the stage and edge guard her since she will usually be able to make it back. When coming back against Samus, Jiggly's best bet is come back with an attack (pound is a good choice here) since Samus can easily spike below the level of the edge.

Captain Falcon

Falcon is bad news for Jigglypuff, since if Jiggly misses with a rest, Falcon will probably give the Pokemon a taste of his Falcon Punch. Evaluate carefully before you try to rest Falcon because the consequences of missing is very bad. Falcon is faster than Jiggly on the ground and in the air. Falcon can easily juggle Jiggly with his up A, but you can try and juggle Falcon back. Watch out for the Falcon Punch, the fire kick smash and the other two specials that can come out of nowhere. Good thing a lot of Falcon's moves have a considerable recovery times, giving Jiggly a chance to fight back. Once you got the offensive, keep beating on Falcon and knock him off the stage. Falcon is hard to star finish but can't recovery well from the sides, so edge guard him and make sure he dies.

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Nesses like throw, spike and juggle. Good Ness players will also use their step kick to combo, so avoid that as well. The PK fire can also cause headaches. As Jigglypuff, you should definitely avoid Ness' throws. Counter by rolling around Ness and give him a taste of Jiggly's smashes or throws. Avoid getting juggled by Ness since his juggle is quite poweful and Jiggly will die easily. Ness is light, so it wouldn't be hard to launch him off the stage. Don't try to jump out at Ness unless you think you can get him before the PK Thunder hits him because his recovery move can cause a lot of damage. Just continue to bash Ness off the stage when you get the chance.


Even though Yoshi is pretty heavy, he is quite easy to kill. Get his damage up then knock him off the stage. When he tries to jump back with his second jump and he's starting to fall downwards, jump out and hit him back out. Since Yoshi has no third jump, he's basically screwed. If Yoshi is in the rising part of the jump, leave him alone since Jigglypuff can't knock him away during that period of time. You don't want to get smashed by Yoshi, especially the up smash which is the most powerful smash attack for sending people over the side boundaries. Good Yoshi players will combo with the flurry kick (air down A) with the up smash and that could do some tremendous damage. The ground pound is dangerous as well but it is easy to avoid and its slow recovery gives Pikachu the chance to hit back. If Yoshi is in the air, don't jump up from below because he will probably ground pound.Yoshi is also not bad as a juggler too, so watch for that. Yoshi is a pretty big target so Jiggly can drill kick and rest him, and Jiggly can also out grab Yoshi, so feel free to throw. Some Yoshi players will try to egg you over the side. If you get turned into an egg near the edge, use the analog stick to control where the egg lands and mash the buttons to get out faster. Just use the usual power hits to get Yoshi off the edge.


Kirby is bad news for Jigglypuff, because in many ways, Kirby is a more powerful version of Jigglypuff with better jumping abilities, and slightly more weight. You'll just have to last this one out and out gun Kirby. Try to get Kirby from above while he's in the air since his up A air move is bad, so drill kick him down, rest him, and say farewell to your fellow puffball. The up smash will also kill Kirby quite easily, so do that when it looks like Kirby is trying to drill kick Jiggly. Kirby has a lot of cheap moves Jiggly will want to avoid, especially the original more powerful lunge kick smash and the stone. Jiggly will probably have to kill Kirby out right because Kirby can come back from most situations. Jiggly will have a hard time coming back against Kirby since Kirby is the most flexible spiker of all.


Fox is another tough opponent for Jigglypuff. His stupid juggle will easily kill Jiggly and he can peg Jiggly from far away. Fox is also fast too and can do the run and grab with ease. Avoid the blaster shots and don't get juggled. Jiggly will just have to roll and jump to dodge the hits and catch Fox when he is recovering from another move. Use the power moves to send Fox off stage and then edge guard him until he dies.


Jigglypuff's fellow Pokemon is also a very dangerous opponent since he is fast, nimble and has a better set of moves than Jigglypuff. It's gonna be tough taking on Pikachu with his fast grab and very strong back throw. His smashes are also pretty good. Jiggly will have to keep on the offensive and not let Pikachu fight back. When the situation is bad for Jiggly, start running away. Most of Pikachu's moves are pretty fast so Jiggly won't be able to catch Pikachu during recovery in most situations. Pikachu is also light, so Jiggly can easily send him off stage with a power move. Avoid being directly above Pikachu since he will thunder you. Pikachu is also pretty good in the air so fight on the ground where at least the battle is about even.


Another battle of the Pokemons. Well, there's not much to say here. You just have to be better or luckier than the other Jiggly to win.

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Pros and Cons List


-often underestimated
-multiple air jumps
-more powerful than you think
-no shame losing with him


-lightest character in the game
-no special recovery move
-has a lot of crappy moves
-dies when shield breaks

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Final Verdict

Out of all twelve characters in Smash, it is probably the hardest to win with Jigglypuff. Don't let that discourage you from using the balloon Pokemon though, because Jigglypuff is a very fun character to use. Jigglypuff is high risk, high rewards character. If you manage to pull it off with Jiggly, then you know you are good. There's no shame in losing with Jiggly since you are expected to lose, but if you win, you can laugh at your opponents' faces and taunt them for the rest of the week. This is the last of the character guides. Good luck and have fun playing Smash.

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