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Break the Targets
Board the Platforms

Break the Targets

Jigglypuff's break the targets stage diagram

Jigglypuff's "Break the Targets" stage isn't too bad. Here are the instructions.

1. Jump up and break target 1.
2. Run right and break target 2.
3. Run left and break target 3.
4. Jump up to the platform above. Jump up from there to break target 4.
5. Jump to the ledge on the far left near target 5. Now have Jiggly face right and jump off the left. Drift to the left of the target and use pound (B) to break it. The reason for using pound is that Jiggly doesn't fall when using the move and it gains him some horizontal air. Anyways jump back on to the ledge.
6. Drop down to the up and down platform and break target 6.
7. Jump to the right and break target 7. Land on the little stationary platform.
8. Now drop down and land on the fast sideways moving platform and destroy the eighth target.
9. Get back on to the up and down platform. When the platform is around level with target 9, jump to the right to get to the ledge with target 9. Alternate jumps with pound will make this a lot easier.
10. Finally, jump under the wall and up to get the last target.

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Board the Platforms

Jigglypuff's board the platforms stage diagram

Jigglypuff's "Board the Platforms" stage is pretty easy, but it can get annoying in some areas. Here are the steps for getting through, but most of you probably won't need these.

1. Run left and activate platforms 1 and 2.
2. Keep going until you reach an escalator with a bunch of blocks and two platforms. Activate the two platforms and leave.
3. Drop down and move right over a blue strip (shown on the diagram) with a platform that pops in and out of the strip. You can either try to chase the platform around or wait until it comes to you.
4. Move right to a big area with 3 platforms and a bunch of flying bumpers (the orange dots). Now since Jiggly is lightest character, a bump will send Jiggly bouncing away like a pinball. Do your best to avoid the bumpers and activate the three platforms.
5. Drop down to the right and avoid another bumper. Move left and you'll see platform 9 coming down through the ceiling and into the ground repeatily. Activate the platform and move on.
6. Here comes the toughest part of the stage. There is a big gap between the last platform and the ledge Jiggly is on right now,. Jump left and alternate between jumps and pound (B) and you should be able to make it on to the platform.

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