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Break the Targets
Board the Platforms

Break the Targets

Kirby's break the targets stage diagram

Due to Kirby's tremendous jumping ability, his "Break the Targets" stage is pretty easy. Here is quickest way to complete this stage.

1. Break target 1 to the left.
2. Jump up and break target 2.
3. Jump up the higher ledge and break target 3.
4. Now jump to the right and break target 4 by the wall. Use the remaining jumps to the higher ledge above the one with target 3.
5. Jump up to the right and use stone (down B) down the chute to destroy targets 5-7. Transform back to Kirby in the air and hop on to the moving platform and destroy target 8.
6. Jump to the left and get to ledge with target 9 and break the target.
7. Use all Kirby's jumps and the final cutter (up B) to get the last target. To be safe, always face the right side so in case you miss, Kirby will land on the little ledge and not fall into the abyss.

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Board the Platforms

Kirby's board the platforms stage diagram

Kirby's "Board the Platforms" stage is slightly trickier than his "Break the Targets" stage, but it's nothing you can't handle.

1. Jump up to platforms 1 through 4.
2. Use stone to get pass the bumper gate (the orange dots below platform 4). Wait on the little ledge at the end of the slope until an "elevator" with platform 5 in the middle appears. Land on platform 5.
3. As platform 5 nears the bottom boundary, jump to the right up the chute on to platform 6.
4. Ride the escalator (the orange things out of the walls in the diagram) up and jump up on platform 7.
5. Now fall down and use stone to get pass the bumper. Walk down to the end of the slope and then jump up to get to platform 8.
6. Drop straight down until you get a little ledge on the bottom right. Now use all of Kirby's jumps to get to platform 9.
7. Drop down form platform 9, pass the wall and jump up to platform 10.

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