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Break the Targets
Board the Platforms

Break the Targets

Link's break the targets stage diagram

"Break the Targets" is slightly more difficult for Link due to the fact that he doesn't jump well, but completing this stage is still a pretty doable task. Here are the steps:

1. Break target 1 to the left.
2. Jump on to the left edge of the bottom stage. Stand in the middle of that little ledge and lightly (not smash throw) a bomb to the left to destroy target 2.
3. Jump on to the platform (green part on diagram) and triple jump to destroy target 3.
4. Now get get to the left side of the "chute" with targets 5 and 6. Now get out a bomb. Double jump and then throw the bomb upwards to blow up target 4.
5. Now jump down the chute and uses Link's down stab (aerial down A) to break both targets 5 and 6.
6. Now go to the right beside target 7 and smash attack through the wall to destroy that target.
7. Now go to the right and jump on to the platform that moves sideways. Now wait until the platform above moves down and triple jump on to the platform, destroying target 8 in the process.
8 . When the up and down platform is at its highest position, triple jump on to the ledge and destroy target 9.
9 . Triple jump to the right and destroy the final target (with your up B, which is your third jump).

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Board the Platforms

Link's board the platforms stage diagram

Link's "Board the Platforms" is one of the toughest bonus stages to clear, so it might take you a few tries to get through this one. Here are my tips for this stage:

1. Jump on to platforms 1, 2, 3, and 4.
2. Platform 5 is surrounded by four platforms that rotate counterclockwisely. Just jump on to one of them and get on platform 5. Try not to fall into the acid (the pink lines).
3. Now get on one of the rotating platforms and get on to platform 6. Platform 6 moves up and down periodically, so you must time your jump.
4. Jump to small platform beside the right triangle. Drop down to the platform with moving block that tries to push you off. Now drop down a little and use Link's last two jumps to get in the little cavern with platform 7. Activate the platform.
5. Get back to the four rotating platforms by backtracking. Now jump on to platform 8, which also moves up and down.
6. Get to the platforms beside the left triangle and drop down to another platform with a moving block. Now you have to do the same "under the wall" jump as step 4 to get on to platform 9, but this time it's a bit harder due to the fact that platform 9 moves sideways. This part will probably get you a few times if you haven't played this stage for a while.
7. Now drop down and use Link's second and third jump to get on to the last platform. This also isn't easy since the platform is so small. Good luck.

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