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Break the Targets
Board the Platforms

Break the Targets

Luigi's break the targets stage diagram

Luigi's "Break the Targets" stage is pretty tricky, so even with my instructions your probably have to try this a few times before you can complete the stage.

1. Break target 1 to the right.
2. Jump and break target 2 above.
3. Triple jump and break target 3. If you are good you can do steps 2 and 3 in one motion.
4. Get on the yellow and black "n" shaped thing that moves up and down (the orange thing in the diagram). When this "ledge" is at its highest position, jump up to the highest part of the stage and break target 4.
5. Now this part can be pretty tricky. Stand on the right edge and face left. Now jump off the edge, fall down and destroy target 5. Now you'll have to use Luigi's remaining jumps to get back on to the moving ledge (orange thing). You should watch the motion of the moving ledge to determine when is the best time to jump off so that the ledge is at its lowest position when Luigi needs to get back on. This part may take a few tries to get through.
6. Move to left and get on the platform that moves in counterclockwisely in a rectanglular path. Jump up and to destroy target 6. Land back on the moving platform and triple jump to destroy target 7.
7. Drop down to the small ledge beside target 8. Now jump down, break the target, and then go under the ledge and use the remaining jumps to get on the solid platform that moves side to side on the bottom middle of the stage.
8. Now stand on the right edge of this platform and throw fireballs to the right. Eventually you'll destroy target 9.
9. It's time for a suicide jump. Jump off right edge of the moving platform and break the final target. Good job.

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Board the Platforms

Luigi's board the platforms stage diagram

Luigi's "Board the Platforms" stage is also a little bit tricky, but in my opinon it is slightly easier than his "Break the Targets" stage. Unless you are really good or really lucky, you probably won't get pass this one on the first try.

1. Jump on to platforms 1, 2, 3, and 4. Platforms 2-4 are situated inside some green pipes and they sometimes will move completely into the pipes. Usually what I do is just get on platform 1 and 2, and then get back on to 1 and wait for number 3 to come out. Once I got number 3, platform 4 should be out as well.
2. Drop down to platform 5. Pay attention to the moving slope (orange thing in diagram) that will sometimes move outward and push Luigi to his doom.
3. Jump under the blocks to the right and get to the solid platform on the other side.
4. Board platforms 6 and 7.
5. Platforms 8 and two small platforms form are connected by a chain (depicted as the thin light blue line in the diagram) to platform 9 and they form a swing that pivots around platform 9. You'll have to time a triple jump to get on to platform 8. For safety reasons, I suggest going to the ledge above platform 10 and jump from there. Stand on the left edge and jump to the right or stand on the right edge and jump to the left so that if you miss you don't have to start over. Once you are on platform 8 it's fairly easy to get on to platform 9.
6. Now get back on the ledge above platform 10. Stand on one of the edge and have Luigi face inwards. Now jump off and fall until Luigi is under the side walls. Use his remaining jumps to board the last platform.

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