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Break the Targets
Board the Platforms

Break the Targets

Mario's break the targets stage diagram

Mario's "Break the Targets" stage is pretty simple. Here are the steps and pointers. Remember Mario starts where the blue "S" is.

1. Break target 1 to the left. I suggest using the fireball to save time.
2. Break target 2 to the right.
3. Jump up and break target 3.
4. Double jump and destroy target 4. If your timing is good you can do steps 3 and 4 in one motion.
5. For target 5, you can either triple jump to get it or go on the platform to the right (the green thing above target 2's location) and double or triple jump from there.
6. Now stand in the middle of the solid below target 7. Fire a fireball to the right to incinerate target 6.
7. Target 7 lies on a platform that moves up and down periodically. To get target 7 and get on the moving platform, stand on the rightmost edge of solid ground described in step 6 and face inwards. When the platform is moving downwards and looks like you'll be able to reach it, triple jump on to the platform which will destroy target 7 in the process. The reason for standing on the right edge and jumping left is that if you miss, Mario will land back on the lower parts and not into the abyss if you jumped to the right and missed.
8. When the moving platform reaches the top, jump over to the top of the tall left wall.
9. Jump down and break targets 8 and 9 with Mario's aerial attacks. Land on the question mark thingy.
10. Now you'll have to perform a suicide jump to get the last target. Walk or jump of the left edge of the top of the question mark structure and then use the second jump and an aerial attack to destroy the last target.

Now that was pretty easy, wasn't it.

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Board the Platforms

Mario's board the platform stage diagram

Compared to the "Break the Targets" stage, Mario's "Board the Platforms" stages is a little more complicated, but it isn't really difficult either. Again Mario starts where the blue "S" is.

1. Jump on to platforms 1, 2, and 3. I don't think any special instructions are needed to perform this simple task.
2. Here things get a little complicated. Platforms 4, 5, and 6 are situated on "pistons" that moves up and down periodically. When the platforms are at their lowerest point they are inside the purple strip you see in the diagram. That purple strip happens to be some hot lava/acid that will send Mario through the blue semi-solid platform if he happens to fall. If Mario gets sent back up, you'll have to navigate this part of the stage all over again, which can become annoying. You'll just have time your jumps carefully and you should be able to board all three platforms and get the left side quickly.
3. Now drop down to bottom parts of the stage. You need to be careful when jumping across the two pits in the middle, because the "pistons" that carry platforms 4 and 5 will come through the "ceiling" and might push Mario into the abyss. Time your jumps so you can get across safely. Don't forget to board platform 7 and 8.
4. The last part of the stage is pretty simple, but it does test your jumping skills a little. Anyways, just jump on/through the blocks and board the last two platforms and you are done.

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