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Break the Targets
Board the Platforms

Break the Targets

Ness' break the targets stage diagram

There are a few ways to get through Ness' "Break the Targets" stage quickly. Here's my way.

1. Break target 1 to the left.
2. Jump up and break target 2 a little to the right.
3. Jump up the steps and break target 3.
4. Now get on the platform above target 3 and triple jump the left to get to the blocks on the top left. Now Ness' triple jump is a little tricky so you may prefer the other way to do things (which I will present after these steps).
5. Jump to top and then drop down on the left and get to the little place where target 4 lies.
6. Drop and down and jump to destroy target 5.
7. Drop through the platform below break target 6.
8. Now stand on the solid platform above target 7. Send out a PK thunder (Up B) and steer the PK thunder around the walls and fry target 7.
9. Now go back to where target 3 was and jump up to the platform. Go right and drop down until Ness is beside target 8. Use a PK fire (B) to incinerate both targets 8 and 9.
10. Jump back up and go to the right. Jump down the chute and crush target 10 to complete the stage.

Now there are some people who prefer to go left first. They will break targets 7, 6 and 5. In order to break target 4, Ness has to do a PK thunder while in the air after a double jump and you'll have to steer the PK thunder around the "ceiling" to get target 4. You won't be able to see target 4 while steering the lightning since Ness would have fallen a bit, drawing the camera away. Which way you complete the stage is up to you.

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Board the Platforms

Ness' board the platforms stage diagram

Ness' "Board the Platforms" bonus stage isn't particularly hard, granted if you know how to used Ness' third jump to a reasonable degree. If your third jump is a little rusty, this is great stage for some practicing. Anyways here are the instructions.

1. Drop down to platforms 1 through 4.
2. Drop down, run left, and triple jump on to platform 5. Try to jump near the wall so that the thunder will push Ness up the wall if it hits.
3. Get back down and jump on to platforms 6 and 7.
4. Now PK thunder Ness up the slippery slope to the left.
5. Jump up the the solid platform. Now continue to jump up through the moving platforms (the dark orange things on the diagram) that goes in and out of the walls. Stick to the left wall to avoid the two bumpers (the ligher orange circles on the diagrams) and jump on to platform 8.
6. Jump to the right and move right. Now triple jump on to platform 9. Use the same tips as step 2.
7. Triple jump on to the final platform. This is the hardest triple jump you'll have to make, but thankfully if you miss, Ness won't fall to his death so you can keep on trying until you get it.

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