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-Donkey Kong
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General Info

Peach's Castle is the name of the stage, but actually you are not on Princess Peach's castle. Rather, this stage is in the sky way above where Peach's Castle is located. This stage is home to the Mario Brothers. It's a small sized stage that is quite cluttered with objects.


In the background, you will see a lot of clouds and also Peach's giant castle on the grounds below, along with the terrain surrounding the castle.


peach's castle layout

This is a very weird stage that is hard to describe, so look at the picture carefully. If you forgot what the colours mean, I'll list them again. Black means the object is solid so you can't go through it from any direction. Green means it's a platforms, so a character can go through it from above or below. Blue means it's semi solid, so a character can jump through from below but not from above. Red means it's an object that doesn't fit in any of the categories. Get it now? Good. We'll start from the top then.
On the centre top of the stage, there is a floating bumper(1). It floats slowly left to right over a pretty short distance. There are two ramps(2) on the upper left and right corner of the stage. The ramps are solid so anyone who gets hit into the ramps will bounce or roll off of them. Right in the centre of the stage is a long slightly crooked platform(3). Directly below that is the main level of the stage which is a wooden octagon like thing on top of a piece of stone(4). Slight below the main level is a long grey stone slab that is semi solid(5). You can jump through it from underneath but you can't go through it from above. The slab will slowly slide left and right through the big stone(4) and you can see a part of the bottom stone rotates as the brick slab slides left and right.


There are several hazards on this stage. Obviously there's a giant pit that lies below the stage and there is a bumper on the top of the stage. The two ramps can also stop people from coming back by blocking their jump, but sometimes they also save people by slowing down their flight when the people fly into the ramps. The bottom slab also slides, so if the slab happens to be on your side, you'll probably make it back on to the stage, but it will be difficult to come back if the slab is on the other side. One more thing to note is that this stage has no edges. This means if you get knocked off the stage, you either have to get back on the stage with two feet or you are not going to get back on at all.

Active Hazards
Floating Bumper
Damage: 1%
Flight Path: Regular
Description: There's a floating bumper in the upper centre of the stage. Even though it probably won't KO anybody, it is quite annoying especially when you are trying to perform an air move and it gets in the way. The bumper will also sometimes save people from death by bumping them off of their flight path, which makes it even more annoying since you can't KO the enemy because of that stupid bumper.

Item Appearance Spots

Items tend to drop down from the skies above and on to the platform. There will also be items on the main level. Sometimes items appear near the ramps and drop on to the brick slab if the slab is under the item at the time.

Character Appearance Spots

All characters start on the platform of the stage. 1P starts at slightly left to the centre. On the left of 1P is 4P. On the right of 1P is 3P and then 2P. The player re-entry spot (Where characters reappear after death) is at the horizontal centre of the stage and slightly below the bumper.

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Here are some general strategies for Peach's Castle.
-It's quite easy to kill people when fighting on the slab. Just keep hitting the opponent over the side when the slab starts to slide away. This makes it hard for your opponent to come back since the slab is sliding away from him/her.
-Since the slab plays a big role in whether a victim of a hard hit can come back or not, try to hit your opponents to the opposite side of where the slab is. If the slab is on the left, hit your opponent over to the right and vice versa. When the slab is in the middle, hit the opponent away from the direction in which the slab is travelling.
-The ramps can be used to easily KO people. Just hit someone into the bottom of a ramp and the character will bounce downwards, effectively spiking the opponent down. Of course, the brick slab can sometimes save the opponent, but it's not going to be there everytime. This strategy is very effective and you can easily get a KO this way.
-When you drop down from the platform, make sure that there is ground below you. Because the slab moves left and right, if you go through near the ends of the platform, you may just fall directly into a pit, so look before you jump.
Let's take a look at how each character fares on this stage.


Luigi is not affected by the stage that much. His good vertical recovery means that you can jump him through the brick slab when trying to jump back. Just watch out for that dumb bumper and watch where the slab is and Luigi should be fine.


Mario is about the same with Luigi, but he can do one thing that Luigi can't. When there are people fighting on the brick slab, stand on the wooden octagon and use the fireball on them to get some cheap damage. Otherwise there's nothing special Mario can do on the stage.

Donkey Kong

DK is also doesn't have any clear advantage or disadvantage on the stage. Just don't use the down A air stomp if DK is over a pit. DK can spike on this stage but a lot of times the slab will get in the way. When coming back, get DK to helicoptor either above or below the ramps since you don't want to be stuck behind a ramp and then fall to your doom. Because DK has a very long reach, stay on the main level and you can hit people on the platform above with the up strong and smash attacks. Be aware though that it is also possible for people on platform to hit DK with certain moves, like a bomb or DK's hand slap (down+B).


Be very careful if you are using the downward sword stab on the lower levels since it's quite easy to bounce off an victim and into the pit below. Feel free to use the boomerang since it can go in other directions other than straight forward. It's going to be a bit harder for Link to use his edge guarding prowness since a lot of times people can come back on to the slab or on to the platform, so Link might not be at the right place.


The stage is a bit small and cluttered, so it's harder to find a place to charge the charge shot. As I have said before, this stage is not all that great for spiking because of the moving slab. If Samus stands on the main level, she can hit people above with her upward strong and smash attacks. You can also get Samus to screw attack the people above her in this situation.

Captain Falcon

Since the stage is so small, be sure to control Falcon well because you might run him off the edge before you realize what happened. Falcon can juggle here but the bumper might get in the way. I don't recommend trying to spike with Falcon because it's pretty easy to fall off the stage and there are no edges for Falcon to grab on to.


This stage poses some problems for Ness during comeback. Be sure not to shoot Ness into the main part of the stage or the ramps since Ness will bounce off the surfaces and probably fall to his doom. Ness' juggling ability is also hindered by the floating bumper flying over head. This is not a particularly good stage for Ness.


There's not much to say about Yoshi. Just make sure you don't double jump the dinosaur off the stage and he should be fine. When on the bottom slab or the main level, Yoshi can throw eggs at the people who are on higher parts of the stage. The egg throwing can become very annoying and can deal some damage too. Yoshi is also tall enough so that his up smash will go through the platform if he is standing on the main level.


Kirby's aerial prowness is somewhat hindered by the floating bumper and ramps, but he should be fine on this stage. He should have the easiest time out of all character for spiking since he has multiple air jumps and a good recovery move. Kirby can recover from below the slab so that the opponents will have a harder time knocking him off again.


This stage is a bit short for Fox to peg people from far away with his blaster. When juggling, watch out for the annoying bumper that might get in the way. Fox is pretty fast, and he also falls pretty fast, so watch where he's going to make sure that he doesn't accidentall kill himself.


This stage is okay for Pikachu. His thunder jolt can transverse the uneven platform or go from the main level on to the slab and vice versa. Pikachu can always use his thunder attack to fry people who stand above him.


Jigglypuff doesn't do too badly on this stage, but he does have certain disadvantages. Jigglypuff gets bumped further by the bumper than any other character, which is inconvienient for Jigglypuff who can juggle. Jigglypuff will have a tougher time coming back to the stage since he has no third jump and there are no edges for him to grab on to. Make sure to use pound to conserve Jiggly's air jumps.

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My Opinion

I don't really like this stage, because I can't seem to get a lot of kills on this stage. This stage is not good for spiking, and there are a bunch of other things that stops a person from getting KOs. The bumper can sometimes save your enemies and screw up your moves. The ramps can also save your enemies from almost certain death, which can become frustrating when you really want to KO someone and the person just won't die!!!! Ahhhhh!!!. It's also quite easy to get KOed on this stage, especially if the slab happens to be on the other side of the stage or moving away from you, so if you don't watch it, you'll die many times and seemingly for no apparent reason.

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