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Break the Targets
Board the Platforms

Break the Targets

Samus' break the targets stage diagram

Samus has a fairly simple "Break the Targets" stage, so it should be no problem if you follow my tips below.

1. Break target 1 to the right.
2. Jump to the platform above and break target 2.
3. Wait until the up-and-down platform above is low enough. Jump on to that platform and destroy target 3.
4. When the platform reaches its peak, have Samus fire off a charge shot to the right to obliterate target 4.
5. Destroy target 5 either by jumping over there and hitting it with an air attack or jumping and firing a charge shot.
6. Land and jump above the pit with target 6. Use Samus' down B and drop a bomb down there to blow up the target.
7. Repeat step 6 for target 7.
8. Now you can either jump to target 8 and smash it or hit it with a charge shot while in the air.
9. Drop down and break target 9.
10. After landing on the platform below target 9, fire off a shot to the left to finish off the last target.

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Board the Platforms

Samus' board the platforms stage diagram

Samus' "Board the Platforms" stage isn't that hard either. Here are the steps you should take to get the best times.

1. Walk forward to platform 1, then jump on to platform 2.
2. Now jump off and land on platform 3. Platform 3 goes in a slightly diagonal path from side to side, so use your control stick and drift Samus on to the platform.
3. When the platform is at its leftmost position, triple jump on to platform 4.
4. Above platform 4 you will see an escalator like contraption where platforms appear at the top and disappear on the bottom of the wall. There are two platforms you have to activate in this contraption. Keep jumping on the platforms until you got both platform 5 and 6 activated. Now jump up to the ledge.
5. Jump up and land on platform 7.
6. Move right and drop down. You'll see platform 8 and seperating Samus and the platform is a gate made of two bumpers (the orange circles in the diagram). Samus won't be able to walk or run pass the bumpers but she can roll underneath them. Board platform 8 and jump out through the ceiling.
7. Get on the tallest ledge. Now triple jump to the right to get on platform 9. Make sure you get Samus to drift as much as possible before using another jump. If you do it right, Samus will just make it on to the platform.
8. Drop down to the final platform.

As an alternative solution, you can board platform 10 after platform 2 and then go to the moving platform ( 3 in my diagram) and then continue on after that.

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