Tony's Guide on Super Smash Bros. for N64

Super Smash Brothers was published in 1999 by Nintendo and developed by HAL Laboratories. It was released for the Nintendo 64 and soon became a smash hit among Nintendo players. This game featured a refreshing new take on the traditional fighting game. Unlike most fighting games where there is a life bar that shrinks when the character takes a hit, in Smash, there is a percentage reading on the bottom of the screen indicating how much damage a character took. The goal of the game is not to deplete your opponent's life energy; the new goal is to knock your opponents off the stage in such a way so they can't come back. These factors, plus the fact that you can choose from Nintendo's finest selection of characters to battle it out with up to 3 of your friends is damned addictive. Smash Brothers is arguably the best fighting game that was released on the N64 and one of the most popular ever too.

What makes Smash so good is the fact that the player can use Nintendo's most famous characters like the world renowned Mario or the too cute for his own good Pikachu and some less famous characters. Also the game features a robust multiplayer mode that allows 4 players to fight on screen at once. This led to hours of seating in front of the TV and playing with friends. It was heaven for the players, but nightmares for their parents.

I bought this game in 2003, when my N64 was already out of date. I wanted to own the game ever since I played it with some friends during grade 9, and I didn't regret my purchase. I liked this game enough that I wrote a guide based on my experiences playing this game. It will cover characters, stages, multiplayer strategies and many other things. For the purpose of this guide, I used an emulator and a ROM image on my computer to test out all the moves, because it is more convienient this way. I have verified all my results on my N64 system to ensure that there are no errors in the image itself. This guide is mostly text because I don't have Nintendo's permission to use images from the game, getting images will take a lot of work, and they'll take space on my website's server. The only images you'll see are images created by myself used for the stage guides and bonus guides.

To start reading my guide, click a link from the list below or the navigate using the menu below the regular navigation buttons. If you are new to smash, you should read the Basics of Smash section first. If you are already a seasoned player, then there's no need to read that section, but everyone should read the character guide and stage guide explainations so you know what I'm talking about.

Basics of Smash
Single Player Guide
Single Player Scoring and Bonuses
Multiplayer Strategies
Items Guide

Characters: Character Guides Explained
Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon

Stages: Stage Guides Explained
Peach's Castle
Yoshi's Island
Congo Jungle
Dream Land
Hyrule Castle
Sector Z
Planet Zebes
Saffron City
Mushroom Kingdom

For the people who are here because they are interested in Smash Bros. rom and emulation, please visit the Emulation page.

If you want to learn more about Smash, I recommend going to to get more information, although my guide already has almost everything you need to know, and somethings that you don't need.

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