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Break the Targets
Board the Platforms

Break the Targets

Pikachu's break the targets stage diagram

Pikachu's "Break the Targets" stage is pretty easy. You might not even need my help to get through this on the first run, but here's some advice in case you need it.

1. Break target 1 to the left by using thunder jolt (B).
2. Jump up and break target 2.
3. Use thunder (down B) to fry target 3.
4. Run over to the right and destroy target 4.
5. While you are there, send a thunder jolt down the slope to fry target 5.
6. Jump up to the slightly moving platform to break target 6.
7. Jump to the right ledge above and send a jolt to destroy target 7.
8. Jump to the platform above and jump to the left to where target 8 is. Needless to say you should break the target.
9. Drop straight down and destroy the final two targets and you are done.

Now that was pretty easy, wasn't it?

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Board the Platforms

Pikachu's board the platforms stage diagram

Pikachu's "Board the Platforms" stage is pretty easy as well, so you should be able to get through this in one run.

1. Run to the right and board platforms 1-4.
2. Drop down and move past the bunch of blocks (yellow on diagram) that are trying to do their best impression of the worm. Drop down and activate platforms 5 and 6.
3. Drop down and you will see a conveyor belt system with a few blocks (orange on diagram) and a platform. Jump over the blocks and activate the platform as they come by.
4. Move to the end of the conveyor belt and jump on to platforms 8 and then 9.
5. Triple jump on to platform 10. There are some spikes on the ledge below (the purple on the diagram) but you really don't need to worry about that. Use the double quick attack for the third jump.

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